Course Date


Training Trainers

Who should attend?

Staff who need to train customers or colleagues in how to use equipment and/or systems; trainers who would like to take a fresh look at their skills.


To help you design and deliver effective and memorable training, based on technical material.

Key Benefits

You will be able to:

  • Structure a training programme
  • Select and produce material to suit the trainee(s)
  • Run your programme effectively
  • Monitor results


  • How do people learn? Different styles (yours and others’) and adjusting your approach
  • Setting learning goals
  • Dangers of technically complex subject matter
  • Selecting the right training methods
  • Producing clear and memorable visual material
  • Producing trainee-friendly handouts
  • Designing effective exercises to help the learning stick
  • Performance skills: how to be an engaging speaker
  • Managing the trainee group – conflict, feedback
  • Organising the physical training environment
  • Monitoring learning during and after the training

Training Methods – Interactive, participative, practical.