Course Date


Advanced Nutrient Management Planning


2 day course +    Exam on separate day

Brief Course Outline

The NMP is split into 6 modules followed by a paper based on a BASIS registered exam and a VIVA panel consisting of 2 people (see comments below).

The modules are:-

Module 1 – Achieving crop nitrogen utilisation efficiency Interaction of nitrogen with other nutrients, particularly P, K and S

Canopy Management

The concept of “NMax”

Carbon footprint of nitrogen fertilisers and the reduction of emissions of other associated N gases

Module 2 – Managing farm phosphorus

Matching phosphorus inputs with crop or plant requirements

Phosphorus in water

The concept of Phosphorus Balance

Module 3 – Techniques for in-field management

Including use of GPS and GIS

Module 4 – Efficient use of manures and other organic materials including:

Utilisation Manures and storage

Application techniques

Impact on fertiliser advice.  Using software to provide recommendations

Module 5 – Integration of nutrient management decisions with environmental regulations and policies, including nutrient planning and record keeping

Implications for livestock/grassland farmer with case study

Implications for arable farmers with case study

Module 6 – Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme (FIAS) and farm security

The purpose and scope of FIAS and the importance of fertiliser security on farm

The Examination – if not updating FACTS qualification.  2 hour written examination includes:

20 multi-choice questions covering all 6 modules    30 mins

Farm Scenario – open book        90 mins

VIVA Panel     15 – 20 mins


70% pass mark and each section must be passed.