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Key “People Skills” for Key People

A training programme in 4 option parts.  Dates to be organised for the Autumn/Winter

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

In this programme, managers, team leaders, supervisors – the ‘key people’ in the organisation who deal every day with staff, customers, suppliers – take a step back from the grind of money-equipment-deadlines-products-contracts and take a fresh look at the way they do the crucial ‘people things’

The four days are spaced over a period of time to make them easy to fit into your diary, but close enough to keep up the momentum; the learning snowballs from one session to another. Each session also stands alone, so that you can dip in and out according to your specific needs and schedule.

Your own resources of experience will be a resource for the group and the things you learn will be applied to your real working world as a ‘key person’. The material is practical the teaching methods are democratic; the sessions are lively and interactive.

Minimum PowerPoint – Maximum personal attention and feedback

Session Breakdowns

Session 1 – The Business and You – Managing yourself and Your Time

The session starts with a series of discussions and e4xercises to help you focus clearly on your own situation and take steps to bring more order into how you use your time and energy

  • How your business works (marketing, finance, production, people, organisation) and how the parts fit together
  • How your role contributes to the success of your business; know your leadership style and its implication for your team
  • How to cope with multiple demands and expectations

Session 2 – Communicating inside the Company

How many business problems stem from bad communications somewhere along the line? That’s not what I meant ….Some times, of course, we get it right. Here is a chance to brush up your communications skills

  • Communicating with staff: induction, instruction and coaching
  • Presenting information clearly and memorably (spoken and written)
  • Assertive, not aggressive communication: how to get things done whilst maintaining trust and respect

Session 3 – The People

People are one of the key resources of your business – both inside and outside the organisation. They deserve respectful and professional treatment. This session will focus on how to deal effectively with staff and customers

  • Interviewing and appraising staff: how to get and keep the right people
  • Motivating Staff : effective praise and feedback
  • Negotiation Skills : win-win negotiating, keeping the relationship on a solid footing
  • Managing Conflict: dealing with difficult people and handling awkward situations

Session 4 – Good Teamwork

A team that is running well is running profitably. It takes skill to get the best from a project group or to steer a meeting to a satisfying conclusion. Check your toolkit of techniques.

  • How a team develops, from first forming to peak efficiency
  • The roles of team members: how to get the best out of each one
  • Setting up an effective meeting and running it efficiently