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Chairing Meetings

The secrets to fewer, shorter and more valuable meetings

  • Defining Meetings and why we have them. What are the costs?
  • Preparation for successful meetings. What is the purpose of the meeting, who needs to attend and what information is required?
  • Identifying the location, venue and timings
  • Games people play
  • Adapting our behaviour to improve communications, verbal and non-verbal communication and achieving clarity
  • Setting the Agenda. What can be allocated in the time allocated?
  • The difference between a chairperson and a facilitator – when is each appropriate?
  • Who is in charge – managing the meeting, sharing airtime and keeping to time
  • Preparing for and managing meetings with Customers/Clients, Banks, Accountants and Lawyers, colleagues and staff
  • When things go wrong – handling difficult meetings
  • Personal; action points for the future